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Bio-Identical Hormones

The future is bursting with Bio-Identicals! These are natural hormones that will change your life and everything about it. Gone are the days of the 1900s when we were content to age "naturally", becoming depressed, shorter, tired and asexual. In those days, skin health, bone health and brain health declined as muscles and sex organs diminished and everyone just accepted it. No longer!!

Dr. Emery has known this for 30 years, but getting the word out has been challenging. Myths and misrepresentation regarding Bio-Identical hormone replacement for men and women have been the norm, but we are entering into a new millennium and the public is becoming aware that the aging process does not have to be taken lying down. We now know that there is help. Right here in Ventura County we have the luxury of an experienced professional in Dr. Cedric Emery.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) with natural hormones has been proven to help people over 50 increase their energy, strength, bone density, even their sense of well-being. Pacific Wellness of Ventura offers HRT as a safe and effective supplement to Mother Nature's efforts.

Among the natural hormones we use are:

Melatonin - Increases REM sleep, enhances immune function, and improves other hormone systems.

Testosterone - Helps bone density and skin tone, increases muscles, endurance, and female/male libido.

Estrogen - Lowers risk of heart diseases and stroke, protects against bone loss, helps genitourinary system.

Progesterone - Balances "estrogen dominance" problems.

Growth hormone - Acts as a healing hormone in older adults and improves your physical and mental well-being.

Coupled with vitamin and mineral programs, and physical and mental exercises, HRT can greatly improve the quality of your life. Now Dr. Emery can help you become happier, healthier and sexier, no matter what your age.

Contact Pacific Wellness of Ventura. We will send you information on how to get started and you can see for yourself that, in the game of aging, you don't have to lose.

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