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Prolozone is a treatment designed to diminish pain and promote healing. It utilizes PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) drawn from your own blood plus Ozone, both of which are then injected into injured joints and/or tissues to increase regeneration of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, and all other body tissues. 

The PRP is rich in platelets and growth factors which, combined with special vitamins, anesthetics, and proliferatives, are injected back into your tissues, where needed. The growth factors stimulate and revitalize your stem cells to create new, youthful tissue, including joints, ligaments, muscles, sex organs, scalp, face, and breasts. Damaged tissues are repaired using your own blood. Chronic wounds start to heal; frequently these areas become pain free and youthful again. 

Traumatized body parts become inflamed and swollen; this leads to a decrease in circulation. When this happens the delivery of Oxygen and important nutrients are diminished. Lactic acid levels go up and pain increases! This drop in "Oxygen Utilization" does not allow your stem cells and blast cells to do their job of healing. This lack of Oxygen Utilization leads to "a decrease in cell membrane potential and an increase in free radical damage, which leads to tissue damage and increased inflammation which perpetuates the trauma, and that leads to a further decrease in oxygen utilization. All of this adds up to chronic pain and degeneration". Frank Schallenberger, MD. This he termed the "Circle of Chronic Pain" 

The PRP re-establishes cellular membrane potentials; the anti-inflammatory agents decrease edema and swelling; and the other additives provide necessary substances for oxygen utilization. 

Then, finally, after the PRP has been introduced into the injured area Ozone is added; this stimulates and starts the oxygen utilization process even faster and better. 

More specifically, trauma decreases the NAD/NADH ratio in the mitochondria which results in "a slowdown of all cellular functions including protein synthesis, cellular division, growth factor function and membrane potential maintenance". Ozone reverses this difficult problem. It creates peroxides that in turn oxidize NADH to NAD in the mitochondria. This starts the healing process and the pain decreases as the oxygen utilization increases. 

Ozone also stimulates growth factor production and other factors to greatly stimulate regeneration. It activates membrane receptors and a myriad of other positive reactions. It also diffuses outward 1 to 2 inches carrying the PRP to a wider area of treatment. 

Prolozone helps a long list of conditions: joints, pelvic pain, TMJ, chronic back pain, degenerative and arthritic joints, scar pain, sports injuries and more…Usually, there is a 50-80 % decrease in pain due in part to procaine, but also to the Ozone. PRP stimulates healing which is good; but the added Ozone stimulates the oxygen utilization within the mitochondria which kick-starts the healing process. Prolozone frequently only requires one or a few treatments and it doesn't hurt. It is incredibly safe because you are receiving your own blood components. And, of course, it is much less expensive than surgery. All of this said however, patients who have a serious injury like a complete tear or severely damaged joint, etc will obviously need surgery. Later, if desired, Prolozone will accelerate the healing. 

"I'm so happy"...: We also provide Body Ozone Treatments (MAH & Rectal Insufflation) and Bladder Ozone Treatments for Interstitial Cystitis, Chronic UTIs and Chronic Cystitis. Additionally we provide Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: 1.31 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber

This is a short and a greatly abbreviated summary of Prolozone. More information is available on the internet. 

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