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O Shots

CLICK HERE for Youtube video.

We now offer therapy to energize your energize your mitochondria which improves your oxygen utilization and diminishes symptoms of chronic disease. This is done by using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and ozone. Prolozone Therapy, which is a combination of PRP and ozone, is extremely effective in eliminating pain in joints, ligaments, muscles, and soft tissues. It also initiates healing by flooding the area with growth factors harvested from your own platelets and plasma. A majority of women over 50 years have some type of urinary incontinence necessitating treatment. Over the last 40 years the treatments we had available have been helpful but not excellent in efficacy and permanence. Recently Dr. Runels in Alabama devised a technique for helping these women. It requires a setup time of about 1 hour and an injection time of 10 minutes. A majority of these women become urologically dry in 3 months. The treatment is also good for young women in their 20's and 30's. 

Dr. Runnels noticed that many of these women after the "O Shot" experience enhanced orgasms and sexual satisfaction which led him to name the injection "O Shot", short for orgasm. 

Like the "P Shot" the "O Shot" is painless. Both of these shots naturally make the patients a little nervous before hand, but afterwards they realize their anxiety was for nothing. 

Because this injection uses platelet rich plasma, and other vitamins and nutrients, it is completely safe and has no lasting bad side effects. 

I am so pleased to be able to offer this new treatment to our patients and others who have done their exercise, optimized their hormones, taken their pills, had bulking agents, and have had slings and yet are still leaking. This offers these women a wonderful, natural, self-repairing treatment.

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