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P Shots

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Many men after the age of 40, and all men after the age of 70 start having ED problems, meaning problems with achievement or maintenance of erections. There can be many causes and we do have a multitude of treatments. The "P Shot" is new and allows the men to regenerate their normal tissues within the penis so there's an improvement with their erections and orgasms.

The "P Shot" was developed to help men who were having erectile and orgasmic problems. Like the "O Shot" the PRP elixir is injected into the penis, and the majority of the men have improvement with their erections and orgasms. 

Like the "O Shot" the "P Shot" is painless. Both of these shots naturally make the patients a little nervous before hand but afterwards they realize their anxiety was for nothing. 

The duration of efficacy is different in different patients. Many patients have excellent results for a year or more. Some patients need a booster shot in 3-6 months. 

Both the "O Shot" and "P Shot" are fabulous, in that they provide a natural way for the patients to improve with growth factors and platelet rich plasma to enhance their own nerves, muscles, cartilage, etc.

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