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Anti Aging

Trying to regain your zest for life? Cedric Emery, MD -- a practitioner at Pacific Wellness of Ventura in Ventura, California -- specializes in anti-aging, longevity, and wellness. He aims to optimize your health and renew your passion for life with treatments like hormone replacement for men and women, platelet-rich injections for joint pain, nutritional supplementation, and exercise plans that serve as a tool to slow the aging process. Call the office or book an appointment online today for more information.

What treatments are available for anti-aging?


Dr. Emery combines traditional and alternative treatments in his anti-aging therapies, which may include:

  • Hormone therapy for men and women

  • Ozone therapy to treat diseases and infections

  • Platelet-rich joint injections to relieve pain

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

  • Specific health promoting nutraceutical

  • IV's

What can I expect during an anti-aging evaluation?


Dr. Emery conducts a thorough examination to assess your health and develop a custom treatment plan specific to you. That includes a physical exam and specialized blood tests to detect:

  • Hormone levels

  • Aging biomarkers

  • Growth hormone

  • Disease screening


He also tests bone density for strength and health.


Dr. Emery spends a great deal of time talking with you to obtain not just your health history but also your unique habits, lifestyle, and goals.

How important is exercise for anti-aging?


Dr. Emery recommends regular exercise programs to his patients for improved flexibility, strength, and overall health to slow the progression of aging. For general health, he recommends at least 30 minutes of regular activity most days a week.

Dr. Emery knows that you may not be physically fit when you first come to see him. He tailors a realistic regimen for you to help you reach your goals.

What are nutraceuticals?


Nutraceuticals are nutrients found in food and supplements that promote health and protect against aging. They include nutrients such as the friendly bacteria in yogurt and omega-3 fatty acids in salmon and tuna.


Dr. Emery uses nutraceuticals as an anti-aging strategy and tool to improve overall health. He may recommend including certain foods in your diet for better nutrition or taking supplementations to improve nutrient intake.

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an anti-aging treatment available at Pacific Wellness of Ventura. During treatment, you breathe in pure oxygen while lying in a pressurized tube.


Under these conditions, your lungs can take in larger amounts of oxygen. Saturating your body with oxygen reduces bacteria and stimulates your body’s release of growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing and regeneration of new tissue.


Dr. Emery may recommend hyperbaric oxygen therapy to:

  • Improve blood counts

  • Heal wounds

  • Improve vision and hearing health

  • Help you rehabilitate from illness or disease


For more information about the anti-aging programs available at Pacific Wellness of Ventura, call the office or make an appointment online.

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