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If your double chin bothers you every time you look in a mirror, there are solutions to this problem at Pacific Wellness of Ventura. Cedric Emery, MD offers the brand new SculpSure® chin contouring treatment at his Ventura, California practice to give your “turkey neck” a lift. If you live in the Ventura area, contact Dr. Emery online or over the phone to learn more about the treatment.

SculpSure Chin Contouring Q & A

What causes sagging chin fat?

A “turkey neck” or “double chin” is the name people often use for the drooping skin underneath their chins. Several factors influence the development of a double chin, including:

  • Aging: leads to skin laxity, muscle weakening, and loss of elasticity
  • Gravity: pulls the under-chin fat downward over time
  • Significant weight changes: contribute to chin fat or loose under-chin skin
  • Genetics: may make you predisposed to a double chin

What is SculpSure® chin contouring?

SculpSure chin contouring is a safe, effective laser treatment that destroys fat under your chin. The lasers use a precise frequency that targets fat cells without harming the skin.

The laser heat breaks down the fat cells in your neck, and your lymphatic system then washes the compromised fat cells out of your body for good.

Those missing fat cells can’t reappear once they’re gone. As the skin and remaining fat adjust to the space left by the missing cells, the effect diminishes your double chin. Ultimately, this non-invasive treatment emphasizes your natural face definition without surgery.

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