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For men over 40, there may be no more important health check than an annual prostate exam. And when any of the following symptoms are apparent, we urge patients to call Ventura County Urology Medical Group for an appointment:

  • Weak Urination
  • Start-and-stop urination
  • Awakening at night with the urge to urinate
  • Painful or burning urination
  • Frequent urges to urinate
  • Post-urination urges to urinate again



Annual prostate checks and PSA tests will greatly reduce male deaths due to prostate cancer.


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We are experts in diagnosis of curing prostate cancer, since we have over 50 combined years of experience in this field. Our diagnostic skills and technology are outstanding giving you excellent statistics compared with U.S. urology centers. We have the longest services in California using Brachytherapy and have done over 3000 "nerve sparing" radical prostatectomies for prostate cancer. We also use "watchful waiting", conformed external radiation, cryosurgery and hormone therapy when it is deemed best for the patient.

We treat each patient as an individual, as though we ourselves were in his shoes. Our patients are all referred for second opinions for radiation consultations and to other urologists.

We stress preventive care for our patients who are at high risk for getting prostate cancer and we offer neutriceuiticals that are second to none.

If a patient is receiving a yearly rectal exam and PSA blood test after his is 50 and he develops prostate cancer he has over a 90% cure rate in our care.

We focus on cure, but we also make sure every effort to prevent incontinence or impotency. We treat the whole patient! About one-third of our surgical patients have persistent ED. All are treated so they can have intercourse whenever they wish. Incontinence is almost a thing of the past with all the new advancements in surgery and radiation.

NOTE: For additional information, please visit our Surgical Oncology page & Robotic Prostatectomy page.


Benign tumor adenoma is a non-cancaerous tumor that grows inside the prostate constricting the urethra and making urination more difficult as men grow older. Obstruction causes slower stream, urgency, frequency and increased nighttime voiding.

Easily diagnosed in our office with prostate ultrasound or bladder examination (cystoscopy).

Ventura County Urology Medical Group uses the latest procedures, including Transurethral Microwave Therapy (TUMT), and Indigo Laser. Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) is commonly known as "enlarged prostate." BPH is easily diagnosed in our office using ultrasound or cystoscopy (bladder examination).

Different Treatments:

The newest office outpatient procedure to open up the prostate. The only procedure that does not cause retrograde ejaculation. See "Urolift" page for details.

Saw Palmetto:
(580 mg 3 times a day) Mild herbal therapy relaxes the prostate and improves the stream. First line of therapy. Helps many men.

Alpha Blockers:
(Flomax, Cardura, Hytrin)
Relaxes the bladder neck and improves the stream. Much better than Saw Palmetto.

Microwave therapy (TUMT):
Good treatment for medium and small prostate-outpatient-painless-bloodless in office. Might need to be repeated every five years or so. Long-term results not known yet. Also used in patients with recurrent chronic prostatitis.

Diode Laser:
Office laser prostate treatment to improve stream dramatically.

"Gold standard"-gives the best postoperative results requires one to two nights stay in hospital-painless-almost bloodless-best long-range results. No effect on sexual function with exception of retrograde ejaculation; i.e. inability to conceive children.

Incision of the bladder neck and prostate. Works well with small prostates and tight bladder necks. Usually, outpatient or one night.

Open prostatectomy:
Uncommon surgery now-used for very large prostate gland. Hospitalization for three to four nights-moderate postoperative pain-excellent long-term results. No change of sexual function with exception of retrograde ejaculation.

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