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For the 10 million men who suffer from impotency and the millions of women who are infertile, the key to overcoming problems is not only having a doctor who is experienced with these conditions, but who also understands how personal these matters are. Sensitivity and confidentiality are hallmarks of the care at Ventura County Urology Medical Group. And whether impotency is caused by arteriosclerosis, diabetes, injury or everyday stress, Drs. Emery and Beaghler can help you join the thousands of men and women who have received their advanced treatments for impotence and infertility, which include:


Treatments abound: Viagra, Muse Urethral suppository, Actis, Soft-Touch, vacuum devices, penile injections with Tri mix, and penile prostheses. Every patient has the ability now to have sexual function if he wishes, at anytime no matter what the underlying cause is.

Many causes:
Injury, arterial blockage, venous leakage, nervous system damage, anxiety, glycogen deposition.

Requires extensive work up to determine etiology and best form of therapy.

Excellent diagnostic tool measuring nocturnal erections which should normally occur three to six times nightly, ranging from 30 to 90 minutes each time in every man regardless of age. Rigiscan gives invaluable information on blood flow, venous leakage, strength of erection and stress overlay.

Testosterone hormonal evaluation:
Evaluation and therapy has changed dramatically in the past two years. Blood tests are new and methods of therapy are new. Testosterone is mainly responsible for libido, but larn lenels also make men lackluster.


About 50% of couple infertility is caused by semen abnormalities. Common problems include low sperm count1 high viscosity1 semen infection, and low sperm motility.

Blocked ejaculatory ducts or vas deferens:

Approximately 1 in 20 men have a significant left varicocele above the left testicle sometimes causing spermatogenesis (sperm production). This condition is readily improved by an outpatient 15 minutes surgery. The left spermatic vein is tied and a one-half inch segment is removed preventing blood from coming down from the left kidney and adrenal gland which causes spematogenesis problems.

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