The Bladder Control Center: Help For Sensitive Problems


Is incontinence your "little secret?" Incontinence is a problem, particularly for senior women and mothers, but it doesn't have to be. Ventura County Urology Medical Group has the medical expertise to find the source of incontinence, then treat it with a variety of methods:

Coaptite injections:
Used to supplement the closing of the urethra during coughing, sneezing, or laughing. An outpatient procedure.

Called "Kegel Exercises," they are very effective in controlling the bladder, especially when combined with a local hormone cream.

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Estrogen cream
For use on the urethra.

New "anticholinergic" medications have proven to be very effective in reducing female incontinence and male incontinence due to neurological problems, with fewer side effects than past medications.

Urethral sphincter mechanism
In some cases, male incontinence is best treated with the installation of this device in an outpatient procedure.

Slings & Meshes
An outpatient surgical procedure for both women and men. We have not had problems with meshes like you see on TV.

Take control of your bladder. At Ventura County Urology Medical Group, we can quickly and easily evaluate your condition and make recommendations based on our many years of experience with virtually every type of incontinence problem and solution.

Female (three types):

Loss of bladder neck support:
Common. Fifty percent of patients who have this problem can dramatically improve their situation with local hormone cream plus Kegel's exercises (four sets of 25 each daily). If the support is too poor, then surgery is required. Historically incontinence procedures have been about 70% successful over a five year period of time. Now with sling procedures, the success rate is up to 90%. These are outpatient procedures but do require approximately one month off work.

ISD (Intrinsic Sphincter Deficiency):
Approximately 10% of women with leakage have this problem due to the urethra not puckering up with a cough or sneeze. This is almost always correctable with the office or hospital procedures of Coaptite injections.

Bladder instability:
Neurological problem causing the bladder to be more sensitive to cold, filling, and stress. Women frequently cannot reach the bathroom in time after having an urge. This condition is readily helped by medications which in the past have had severe side effects, mainly dry mouth, so that only an approximate 20% of the patients would even take the medications. Fortunately, we now have new anticholinergics with less side effects.

Unfortunately, some women have a combination of two or even three of the above types of leakage and all need to be addressed.


Incontinence can be due to prostate obstruction, neurological disease or rarely prior radical prostate surgery (rare).

Surgery is required to alleviate the obstruction and medications are required for the neurological problems.

Urethral sphincter mechanism:
Outpatient surgical procedure with a silicone cuff around the urethra controlled by a small pump in the scrotum-requires three compressions on the pump to urinate and automatically closes in 30 to 40 seconds.

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