Unlock the Cure to Your Chronic Pain Through PRP Therapy

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Medical conditions like osteoarthritis and tendon injuries can leave you dealing with chronic pain. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy might be the answer if you’re looking for something new when medications and surgery have failed to provide you with significant relief.    

Dr. Cedric Emery believes in the power of the body to heal itself. That’s why he uses his practice, Pacific Wellness of Ventura, to help many patients dealing with chronic pain in Ventura, CA, find some relief by administering PRP therapy.  

How does PRP therapy work?

The procedure starts by extracting a blood sample from you and placing it inside a centrifuge. The machine separates the platelets and other important compounds in your blood. Dr. Emery refines this mixture into a solution boosted by an increased number of healing platelets, growth factors, and other important proteins.

Dr. Emery administers the compound through an injection into the areas where you’re experiencing chronic pain. Your body uses the components from the solution to locate other cells and elements needed to start the healing process in that part of the body. The entire process takes about a half-hour to complete.

What conditions does it help?

One of the areas in which PRP has been shown as effective is in treating tendon injuries. They tend to heal slowly, leading to a long recovery for patients. Studies have shown that PRP therapy can reduce inflammation and help speed up healing. One of the benefits of using blood from your body for treatment is a reduced risk of experiencing side effects from the PRP therapy.

Research is ongoing in proving the effectiveness of PRP on treating other conditions often at the root of a patient’s chronic pain. Some studies have shown some improvement in osteoarthritis of the knee through PRP therapy.  

How Soon Will I See Results?

You can receive up to three PRP injections in an area over the course of six months, spaced out at two to three-week intervals. The effects are gradual, with most patients seeing improvement within a few weeks of receiving their first injection.  

Dr. Emery carefully monitors each patient’s progress, educating them on what they should be experiencing. He encourages them to come to him about any questions or concerns. The entire staff at Pacific Wellness and Ventura do whatever they can to keep patients in a positive state of mind.

Are you searching for a qualified provider of PRP therapy in Ventura, CA, to deal with your chronic pain? Contact Dr. Emery’s practice for an appointment by calling (805) 214-4794.

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