Oxygen as an Anti-Aging Treatment

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When you think of the air you breathe, you may think "oxygen," but in reality, it only makes up around 21% of the air entering your lungs. This oxygen fuels the powerhouse of your cells, the mitochondria, allowing those cells to heal, divide, better absorb nutrients, and do their jobs within the body. Even though a human can breathe air containing as little as 19% oxygen to stay alive, breathing more concentrated oxygen increases the supply of this fuel to cells and can, therefore, have an amazing anti-aging effect. Let's explore how oxygen as an anti-aging treatment works.

How aging impacts cell health

As you undergo the natural aging process, cells become starved for nutrients and it becomes harder for them to get the oxygen they need to stay healthy and vital. This leads to many signs of aging, some of which are visible, such as:

Although what you do now has an impact, having nutrient-starved cells can lead to other symptoms you may not notice until later in life, including:

Oxygen addresses all of these aging signs and more.

How diet and environment factors impact cell health

In addition to the natural aging process itself, as you get older you also expose yourself to pollutants and toxins in things like food containers, food, cleaners, makeup, and even the air you breathe. Your liver, kidneys and lymphatic system do a great job processing these harmful chemicals out of your body, but the longer you live, the more opportunity these chemicals have to weaken existing cells and influence new cell growth. Additionally. you may not always eat the most nutritious foods, and although cells continue to function for some time, as you age, they begin to break down. Later on, even when you do eat well, cells may not be able to absorb all of those vital nutrients.

How hyperbaric (pressurized) oxygen revitalizes starved cells

When you receive an oxygen treatment, you revitalize unhealthy and dying cells throughout your body. They can more effectively use nutrients and regenerate healthier cells. These cells are the building blocks of healthier organs and systems. They make up a healthier you. Let's take a look at some specific areas that you clearly note a difference.

The immune system

Oxygen activates white blood cells, the cells that identify and fight infection. This may not only reduce your risk of catching certain "bugs," it can reduce inflammation throughout the body. Chronic inflammation is a sign of an unhealthy and overactive immune system. Because the oxygen helps the white blood cells work more effectively, they don't overreact, which can also reduce things like back pain, digestive system problems, and arthritis, which are all caused by out-of-control inflammation.

Circulatory system

Oxygen stimulates blood vessels and enhances the formation of new connective tissues to improve the efficiency of the circulatory system. A stronger circulatory system means stronger cells throughout your body because this system is responsible for carrying nutrients to cells and taking toxic byproducts away from those cells.

Better skin appearance

One of the most visible effects of oxygen as an anti-aging treatment is on the skin. As Dr. Emery administers hyperbaric oxygen treatments to you, skin circulation improves and lifeless cells begin to turn over, making way for more vibrant, elastic, and youthful-looking cells. 

Oxygen as an anti-aging treatment

Oxygen treatments can reduce the signs of aging inside and out by infusing your cells with the fuel they need to jump-start the healing and rejuvenation process. Once things like circulation and immunity improve, you can feel the longer-lasting effects of oxygen all over your body. Hyperbaric oxygen is a great way to fight the signs of aging in a natural and healthy way. Don't wait. Experience this for yourself. Contact the office today for an appointment.

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