Men as Well as Women are Eliminating Their Love Handles With SculpSure

Stubborn body fat is common in people of all genders, especially over time. While some people are more prone to love handles than others, neither men nor women are immune to those unwanted inches. SculpSure is a noninvasive body contouring procedure that effectively eliminates stubborn fat cells in the love handles as well as other body areas. So it’s not surprising that both women and men are opting for the treatment.

To learn more, call Pacific Wellness of Ventura or schedule an appointment online. We love providing this gentle and effective treatment.

SculpSure helps where lifestyle habits stop

If you work out consistently and eat an overall nutrient-dense diet yet still can’t seem to slim down your love handles, SculpSure can help. It was actually designed specifically for people who lead healthy lifestyles yet face bothersome fat stores.

SculpSure is quick and noninvasive

Unlike other body contouring treatments such as surgery, SculpSure sessions take only 25 minutes each. Because using targeted laser energy rather than incisions is gentle and noninvasive, you stay fully awake and generally comfortable throughout each treatment. You can even have SculpSure treatment over your lunch break, then get straight back to your usual daily activities.

SculpSure results last

Once your body eliminates the fat cells SculpSure has damaged, they will never return. In other words, the results are permanent. You’ll still want to keep your healthy lifestyle habits up, of course, but you’ll never see that same fat accumulation in your love handle area again.

SculpSure is effective

While results vary, SculpSure sessions do away with as much as 24% of the treated fat cells. That’s nearly one-quarter of the fat from your love handles that disappears. While some people see marked benefits after just one session, most people achieve optimal results through a series of SculpSure treatments. Your Pacific Wellness of Ventura provider can help determine your best number of sessions.

SculpSure can improve other areas, too

If you love the results of SculpSure as far as your love handles go, you may want to address other trouble areas. SculpSure is FDA-cleared to minimize stubborn fat in the belly, back, thighs, and chin areas as well. You can choose to have different areas treated at various times or within the same session.

SculpSure can boost your confidence

Many people feel self-conscious about their love handles, especially during summer months when clothing is a bit sparse. While you’re surely attractive as you are, we welcome people to consider treatments that might help lessen stress or self-consciousness around unwanted fat. If you’re experiencing severe body image or self-esteem issues, you may benefit from psychological counseling first.

SculpSure results look natural

If you’re concerned about looking natural after body contouring treatment, you should have no fear when it comes to SculpSure. Your body will gradually eliminate damaged fat cells from the treatment area, so you won’t suddenly look as though you “had work done.” You’ll look like you, only slightly slimmer.

Learn more about ways SculpSure can minimize your love handles by contacting our office. To find out if you’re a good candidate, schedule an appointment.

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