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Pacific Wellness of Ventura

Improved Wellness with Cedric Emery, M.D. 


Medical Specialist & Medical Wellness located in Ventura, CA

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I am a doctor from Afghanistan. I was trained in Urology by Dr. Emery and indeed, his knowledge in this field is impressive. The staff are very kind and helpful towards patients. I have great memories from the training period.

Mohammad Aref N.

Dr. Emery has been my Urologist for a number of years. He has helped me in numerous ways, not just urology, but overall wellness. Staff so kind & helpful. If you’re feeling nervous about an appointment, be assured Dr. Emery will do all he can to put you at ease and help you

Ellen S.

After only 2 treatments of SculptSure there is a HUGE difference in my stomache! Can’t Wait for my last treatment!

Vivia A.

I walked into the office a little nervous, but after meeting the staffI felt calm. Dr Emery has a calm confidence that made me feel great about this visit.

Victor H.

Always knowledgeable great care~staff is amazing as well! Dr. Emery has taken great care of me for several years and I totally recommend him to anyone looking for a urologist.

Jim C.

Good doctors. Very informed. Has a great office staff too.

Barbara V.

I have been a patient of Dr. Emery’s for thirteen years, since I was first diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. My initial treatment and subsequent visits have proved to be not only life saving, but also positive experiences that go above and beyond a typical Dr. and patient relationship. I highly recommend Dr. Emery and his staff.

Robert K.

Urology and sculpture patient. Best personal attention ever received from a doctor and staff. Completed sculpting in June 2018. I now have to ware a belt with my pants. And I’m starting to see my waistline. I’m now at a weight that I haven’t seen in 30 years. I be impressed!

Robert O.

Dr. Emery and staff are the best I have ever experienced

Vivia A.



Frank L.

I love it here.

Jack F.

In the best hands possible

John D.

The nicest staff. Very pleasant and friendly. The office visits feel like you’re visiting friends not the doctor! Dr Emery is very thoughtful and kind also quite thorough. He never made me feel rushed even though I had tons of questions. He is a really patient Dr. He sent me to have scans done which my prmary Dr. did not do and he found a tumor In my kidney, that I had no idea I had. My Primary Dr. acted like my back pain was all in my head. If Dr Emery had not found the tumor I could have died!

Sharon H.

Doctor Emery has literally saved my life twice now! I have seen him for several years and have always found his professionalism, expertise, compassion and that intangible quality that comes from having the wealth of years of experience combine to make him one of the very best doctors I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I will never be able to repay him the debt I owe him for identifying a medical problem I had (unrelated to urology) before any other of my doctors did, allowing me to seek treatment before becoming critically ill. He has also provided me with access to hyperbaric therapy which has helped me to recover and continues to improve my quality of life. Doctor Emery is a great doctor!

Ron L.

Dr. Cedric B. Emery, his wife and RN Norma, and Marissa are the most kind, professional, thoughtful, caring group that I have come into contact with for medical procedures. I had PRP injections with Prolozone for my right and left hip today. They give these types of injections on Saturdays in their Ventura office. Dr. Emery reviewed thoroughly MRI and CT scans that I brought with me before beginning the procedure. I have had Prolozone injections with much success in healing and pain management from prior injuries that I have had. 

Charla M.

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