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The future is bursting with Bio-Identicals!  These are natural hormones that will change your life and everything about it.  Gone are the days of the 1900s when we were content to age “naturally,” becoming depressed, shorter, tired and asexual.  In those days, skin health, bone health and brain health declined as muscles and sex organs diminished and everyone just accepted it. No Longer!!

Dr. Emery has known this for 25 years, but getting the word out has been challenging.  Myths and misrepresentation regarding Bio-Identical hormone replacement for men and women have been the norm, but we are entering into a new millennium and the public is becoming aware that the aging process does not have to be taken lying down.  We now know that there is help. Right here in Ventura County, we have the luxury of an experienced professional in Dr. Cedric Emery.

Dr. Emery is a well respected, Board Certified Urologist with a private practice in Ventura and was an Attending Professor at USC, Department of Urology, for many years.  Needless to say, he has always looked for the latest and the greatest.

Dr. Emery knew the basics of synthetic hormone replacement therapy, but at the time, synthetics were the only hormones available to treat deficiencies in men and women. He learned of the risks associated with these synthetic hormones and realized the basics were just not good enough; in fact, potentially dangerous.

New research has shown that natural hormones, bio-identical hormones, are the same hormones that the human body manufactures. They are metabolized identically the way Mother Nature designed and that made complete sense to Dr. Emery. Not only do these natural hormones treat a medical condition, but they also have the added benefit of slowing down the aging process.  Bio-identical hormone wellness is now the future.

Now Dr. Emery can help you become happier, healthier and sexier, no matter what your age.

Contact Pacific Wellness of Ventura. We will send you information on how to get started and you can see for yourself that, in the game of aging, you don’t have to lose.



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